Summer Knights

Sinister Secrets Abound in Roaring Twenties Tuscany.

After a draining bout of flu, Lady Gayle Summer plans to recuperate amidst the serene hills of Tuscany. An invitation from an old flame, Lord Charles Vickery, leads her to the captivating Villa Montagna Verde, where she anticipates only relaxation, recovery, and good food.

However, Villa Montagna Verde has other plans. Lady Gayle meets Felicity Makepeace, another of Lord Charles’ former loves. But mutual wariness blossoms into an unexpected alliance, while restoring the villa’s neglected fountain.

Soon the glistening veil of tranquillity is torn away. Following a treasure hunt in the nearby village, a body is discovered, drowned in the refurbished fountain. The serene villa transforms into a ground of suspicion, hiding a tangle of dark secrets.

Danger lurks at every turn—Lady Gayle, Felicity, and Lady Gayle’s ever-resourceful maid, Alice, unite. They’re determined to unearth the deceptions and betrayals hidden in the villa’s walls.

Summer Secrets combines the allure of 1920s glamour with the intrigue of shadowy mysteries. Delve into this captivating tale with Lady Gayle Summer and uncover the buried truths of a paradise that’s not as it seems.