Sassy society sleuth, Lady Gayle Summer wants to party, but can she get a break from murder?

Determined to put 1922 behind her, Lady Gayle Summer embarks on a New Year’s adventure.

With bittersweet emotions she braces herself for a reunion with a pregnant school friend, covering her own turmoil behind joy. Little does she know that the festivities are soon to be marred by a chilling discovery.

As the bonfire’s flames dance, a body is uncovered in their light, destroying the party atmosphere. A mysterious stranger, devoid of clothing, leaves the revellers perplexed. Determined to unearth the truth behind this enigmatic presence, Lady Gayle races to identify the killer before they can strike again.

Within the walls of opulent estates and whispered secrets, Lady Gayle vows to find justice for the unknown victim. Her unwavering resolve becomes a beacon of hope, ensuring the safety of Lord and Lady Ridgewell’s unborn child.

In this captivating series where the mental dexterity of Miss Marple meets the grandeur of Downton Abbey, fans of the golden age of mysteries will delight in unravelling each twist and turn.

Prepare to immerse yourself in an atmospheric tale of suspense, where jazz age charm collides with a web of deceit. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of truth. Can Lady Gayle navigate the treacherous labyrinth of roaring 1920s society and expose its dark secrets?