About Cassie Rush


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Hi there, my name is Cassie Rush and I’m a British author of cosy mysteries set in the English country- or seaside.

I absolutely love the coastal town of Southwold which is a short drive up the coast from where I live. It’s why I chose to set my popular, Eastwold by the Sea series there. Although my version of the town is entirely fictional as I like to move streets around. I hate it when an author sets a story somewhere you know well and gets details wrong, don’t you?

I have been a fan of Agatha Christie all my life and I adore the other golden age authors. I especially enjoy the stories of Miss Marple, Father Brown, Brother Cadfael and Lord Peter Wimsey.

I was really lucky at school (let’s not talk about how long ago that was though) to have brilliant and enthusiastic history teachers. It’s given me a lifelong love of history and all the tales that the past has to offer.

I also write as Caroline Goldsworthy—these books are rather darker with more graphic content.

Best Sellers

Cover Image with a Vicar and a cat in a life boat

Raising the Roof

Meet the Reverend Alina Merrycott—district nurse, part time vicar and amateur sleuth.

Vicar with a cat smoking a pipe

Literary Murder

The story continues when Alina’s friend the author Lucinda Elmhurst comes to stay and promote her new book. But did she write it?

A vicar and a cat in a pumpkin

On the Stroke of Death

Fairview Hall has a new owner and he agrees to hold the Halloween Ball. It’s Eastwold, what could possibly go wrong?